Quarantining in an RV

It turns out that my incognito leave of absence lasted a total of one week, as Alba quickly noticed that there was something off about my daily routine. Apparently, web surfing for toys looks totally different than funny programming symbols on the screen. I guess I’m not as clever as I thought. After approximately one day of being outed, the conversation quickly turned into a discussion about the ins and outs of visiting my parents who I haven’t seen in almost 2 years. This is understandably more difficult nowadays…for common sense and logistical reasons. Common sense, because I don’t want to be the bearer of unwanted gifts, and logistical because of my documented apprehension of tests that involve Q-tips up my nose. Luckily not all Covid tests require tickling your brain, so I agreed to testing and quarantining inasmuch as the latter could be done in an RV!

Here are some random pictures from our quarantine.

It all started rather uncomfortable.
But then the view got better.
Right before it got worse, though at least I didn’t pass out.

Our tiny RV.
Can’t complain… *my* view was always beautiful :-).